Friday, 1 June 2018

Good things take time

'The Curious Wren' has been open for two years at the end of this month (to be quite honest I don't know where the last two years have gone) & I'm only just getting around to writing the first blog post but as they say, good things take time. 

When I look back at our first business plans I can see how far we've come yet how many things I'm yet to put in place, beginning this blog being one of them! A little place where I can have a little natter about life at The Curious Wren, you can drop by to have a read when ever you like!

Throw back to the first opening day at The Curious Wren. June 2016

It's been such a learning curve & experince since we opened our doors back in June 2016. We have found new exclusive suppliers & brought them to Eccleshall, expanded our greeting card collection, seen eleven of our lovely wedding stationery clients get married, printed plenty of personalised invitations and many cards. 

A few we've learnt since then;

-Don't allocate just one evening to put all your Christmas decorations out. It will take you until the early hours of the morning & Michael Buble on repeat will eventual get annoying.

-Don't listen to the BBC radio 2 Jeremy Vine show in the shop because it will be fate that a customer walks in whilst the topic they're discussing is erectile disfunction or asbestos. Neither is great to listen to.

-People are so lovely and kind. I've met some amazing people & made some great life friends since being open. Eccleshall has such a wonderful community, I'm very lucky and grateful to be a part of it.

I can't believe it's been nearly two years since we opened out doors but as they also say, time flies when you're having fun! (Fingers crossed it doesn't take me another two years until a post again).

The Curious Wren 2018